ORV Strategy Meeting Report

Many voices equal new strategies and ideas. This is central to a strong and vibrant community.

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I would like to thank those that attended the ORV Strategies meeting, I believe it was productive, and identified issues close to the hearts of our community.
Many voices equal new strategies and ideas and I believe it is central to a strong and vibrant community.

Our meeting was and is an experiment in local democracy and I personally would like to continue the conversation. Other issues have been identified that need further discussion, so please let’s hear yours.

Strategies going forward will ultimately be determined by the powers that be, and their reaction to our input.

We are small communities with no voice save our established groups, so I hope we can come together with a united voice to accomplish the best course of action.
I invite our local groups to please come together for the sake of our communities, I propose a summit meeting to find ways for us to unite for the common good.

From the point of view of the Ratepayers we would like to find ways for Tulameen and indeed the whole of the Otter Valley to be the first legal ORV friendly unincorporated communities in BC.

The potential for tourism would be great and if done with respect and within the law would be a positive conclusion to our dilemma.

Coalmont, Tulameen and the Otter Valley would benefit greatly and tourism dollars would flow into our area beyond what flows now. We have a large supply of sunshine, rivers and Lakes. We have a natural resource here and it is our out-door environment, clean air, clean water, great fishing and hunting, history, ORV trails, the KVR, biking, hiking, walking, riding, driving, parks, rec sites, boating, camping, orienteering, exploring, gold panning, rock hounding, birding, and the list goes on.

So please let’s all work together for a better future going forward.
For an in depth summery of the meeting and to comment please click on this  link Report Document