Strategy Meeting Report June 2, 2018

We would like to thank all those who attended the meeting

Summer Day in Town

We would like to thank all those who attended the meeting, and it seems you are to be congratulated for your courage as there was pressure to not attend.

We intentionally set the meeting on the weekend believing it would offer the best access to all. If anyone would like to offer input about timing, please do.

The attendance was reasonable having 28 that signed in and a head count from 43 – 52 depending on who was counting. We did a few things wrong and will adjust next time. But overall it went smoothly, and I do believe a baseline was determined as to what the next steps are.

Most wanted control over the few that caused the reaction of our citizens “the so-called Weekend Warriors”. And some strategies where identified. We will be working towards completing those strategies as we move forward.

There was a misconception that the meeting was being held to outright ban ORV’s in Tulameen. Which I believe was precipitated by those who believe, by mentioning the problem it would cause just that, an outright ban.

The attendees offered measured and thoughtful suggestions and we believe most truly want to see safer streets in Tulameen. Education is seen as important, but strategies are needed to educate those that are the problem.

The free permits from the RCMP was determined to be the first step for those that want to be legal while riding and we believe everyone that does not have one should get one.

Going forward we will meet with the RCMP, the RDOS, and the Province, and others to establish a plan for Tulameen, Coalmont, and the Otter Valley that takes into consideration our unique circumstances.

RCMP’s presence in the community was questioned as both a good thing and as ineffective, due to the timing of the patrols, we will discuss this point with them when we next meet.

The attendees spoke of the way it has been in Tulameen for a very long time and enjoy being able to travel from there homes or cabins to the Forestry roads and trails, but all are concerned about the safety issues created by the few that show no respect.

The speed limit in Tulameen was mentioned and  many would like to see it  reduced to 30 kmh from 50 kmh.

There was an overall belief that the RDOS and the Province are not doing enough and should have attended this meeting to hear what we had to say.

Comments  sighting  our  significant Tax base in Tulameen and the lack of services available to us, many believe more money could be spent to serve the town better.

We are determined to represent you to make our voices heard, and truly  hope and believe our other community organizations will join us in this quest.

Randy Halyk

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