Tulameen Ratepayers Association

The Future of Tulameen

Tulameen Ratepayers Association (TRA) represent land owners and residents to government at the Local, Provincial, and Federal levels, we also work with all stakeholders, NGO’s and Business. The Association is dedicated to Representing, Supporting and Protecting Tulameen and the interests of it’s people.

A dedicated group of ratepayers formed the TRA to address issues that affect the town and the lives of those that pay taxes here. Open Letter

Meetings are once a month and are held at (______________) and generally last about one hour. Please let all your Tulameen neighbors know. If you are reading this and have not received a notifications please click here TRA to sign up.

The TRA endeavors to offer a balanced approach to representing Tulameen, issues from infrastructure to Tourism . The TRA has been involved in projects that enhance the lives of our community and are always looking for projects that require leadership and dedication.  

Our goal is to maintain connections with all levels of government and work to solve the issues that are most pressing to you. Your input is essential to the success of the TRA so please do not hesitate to contact us with any ideas and concerns. As many of our ratepayers are not in town regularly and can’t always attend meetings a top priority is designing an interactive communication system. This page along with social media sites  Facebook page, Twitter page, etc.. have been opened.Bird

The directors and executive of The Tulameen Ratepayers Association invite you to join our group.  We are always looking for those that want to  become active or just looking for a place to air your issues and concerns. We look forward to adding you to our democratic association dedicated to all Tulameen ratepayers.

Tulameen Has excellent recreational clubs in Tulameen , The Otter Valley Fish and Game Club, has an excellent gun range and is responsible for building and maintaining several fishing docks on local lakes as well as providing volunteers for local activities and offering several family related activities throughout the year. The Tulameen Community Club offers a well known celebration every August TULAMEEN DAYS a weekend of celebrating summer in Tulameen.

It is imperative that residents of Tulameen have a say in their future. Please join the TRA so you can have a say in THE FUTURE OF TULAMEEN

You can  sign up here