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Request for action

Tulameen, Coalmont, and Otter Valley need a comprehensive plan to deal with the increase in off road vehicle traffic in and around our area.

The RCMP is tasked to uphold the law and to that end are starting ATV patrols out of the detachment in Princeton. Fines and confiscations of equipment are planned.

The TRA has identified a number of ways to mitigate the impact that the RCMP may have on our communities and this meeting will open the floor to discussing these and other ideas from the floor.

Education is seen as the first step to enhancing the quality of life and safety for all.

Stepped up policing and a legacy of injury and death are pushing the RCMP to crack down on illegal activities and the people of Tulameen and Coalmont are set to loose the most because of a few bad eggs.

Please we need your input and all ideas will be considered Bring your thinking caps and constructive comments.

The Meeting was held on June 2nd at 11:00 AM in the Tulameen Community Hall it was well attended with 50+ people attending.

Community Plan Draft

We are looking for submissions for ideas about what is needed in our official plan.