Off Road Vehicles

Tulameen is known for it’s friendliness towards ORV’s and prides itself on being a destination that riders enjoy visiting.

The Province of British Columbia has regulation that require owners of ORV’s to abide by, and have placed stiff fines for infractions, the potential for machine confiscation, Jail time¬† and Police Records that are shared with insurance companies that make it mandatory for them to attach to Drivers records.

Tulameen would like to maintain a good relationship with ORV owners and riders and recently met with concerned citizens to establish a strategy to abide by the law and find ways to lessen impacts on our visitors and locals that are ORV owners. the results of the first Strategy meeting can be found through this link ORV Strategies Report.

RTA is working for Tulameen to make ORV travel safer
RTA is working for Tulameen to make ORV travel safer

RV Crossings and Untraveled Portions

In and around Tulameen: With permit from the RCMP


2nd street in Tulameen –

  • Crossing 2nd street at the KVR and any intersection.
  • Along the untraveled portion of 2nd street from Tulameen Bluffs Road to Lawless Creek FSR.
  • Crossing all of; Victoria Ave, Strathcona Ave, Otter Ave, Nicola Ave, and Granite Avenue.
  • Nicola Ave to Third Street
  • Third Street to the Trading Post.


Along the untraveled portion and crossing all of: Front Street, Main Street, Columbia Street, Fraser Street, Hope Street, Bettes Ave, Parrish Ave, Campbell Ave, and Shatford Avenue.

Otter Valley- Crossing Coalmont Road

  • Above White Sands Beach, about 3 Km East of Coalmont
  • At he KVR in Coalmont, and along the untraveled portion eastward for about 1/2 KM to the trail on the north side.
  • At the KVR about 1 Km west of Coalmont
  • At the KVR about 1Km east of Tulameen, and along the untraveled portion eastward to Tulameen Bluffs Road.

RCMP Permits  

  • Permits can be obtained free of charge from the RCMP Detachment in Princeton.
  • To obtain a permit you must have registered and insured your ORV in B.C.
  • The RCMP have a right to deny your request and the permit must be approved buy the Detachment Commander
  • Permits give you specific rights as described by the RCMP at the time of issuing the permit.